Introducing A New Product to Revolutionise the Travel Industry

Ace Supplier FAILURE Guarantee

A new product tailored for all ABTA members who are principally offering credit to other ABTA members.  Suited to members where additional protection is required in excess of the standard free pipeline protection provided by ABTA.  Further details supplied upon request.


Benefits of Ace Supplier Failure Guarantee

  • Unlike credit insurance where a credit limit is often reviewed, or withdrawn by the insurance company, an appropriate level of cover is agreed from the outset and fixed for an annual period for the duration of the Guarantee.

  • 100% protection offered on the agreed level of credit granted.

  • The Guarantee covers confirmed credit terms offered during the policy period.  All claims are honoured for agreed credit transactions booked within the policy period.

  • Protection is provided on a Guarantee basis, therefore No IPT nor VAT is applicable on premiums paid.

  • No reporting or admin requirements for the annual guarantee period.


Depending upon your contractual agreement with the ABTA agent, where credit terms have been agreed, premiums can be structured for either the Beneficiary of the Guarantee to pay the required premium or have the responsibility fall upon the agent.


Business Travel

Protection also available where credit is extended for business travel to companies.  An alternative to requesting a bank guarantee for the extended credit period.