(Wentworth Surety Limited Group) An Insurance Broker Specialising in providing bonds to the Travel Industry

Our services are completely free to you (no monthly fees), as we are remunerated by the insurance companies with whom we place business.

As independent brokers we can obtain quotations for your bonding requirements from all of the insurance company providers of bonds, and some of these companies will:

  • Only deal with insurance brokers, i.e. will not deal with enquiries direct from the travel industry

  • Only deal with a carefully selected panel of insurance brokers, which includes Wentworth Surety Limited

Whether you maximise your options by covering the whole of the insurance market by obtaining quotations through us, or whether you approach the insurance companies that will “deal direct” with yourself, the premium quoted to you or to us by any given insurer will be the same.  So, you have nothing to lose by instructing us to act for you, and, potentially, a lot to gain from getting the widest range of quotations.

Of course, you may be currently bonded via your bankers, or may be considering the bank as an alternative source of your bond.  However, we believe that for most travel agents and tour operators, bonding via an insurer is the soundest solution.  Please see our “Why Bond via Insurance?” page.

We can arrange all of the bonds normally required by the travel industry, including: ATOL, ABTA, IATA, ABTOT, CPT/BCH, ATOC, as well as Airline bonds/guarantees.

As an alternative where circumstances dictate, we can arrange Financial Failure Insurance (FFI).

Your first step to a more cost-efficient bonding programme is to contact us, and we look forward to hearing from you. Or check out our parent site